Greek Breweries

5 - 6 - 7 August 2022 at Kalamata

Greek Breweries

► The Greek Breweries that will participate at the 3rd Peloponnese Beer Festival only craft

► The Greek Craft Beers that you will have the opportunity to enjoy 4-5-6 August 2023 in Kalamata Greece!!

Our message

YES to beautiful experiences!

YES to Greek Craft Beer!

YES to extroversion!

YES to responsibility! Always drink responsibly!




AZATIS Brewery comes from Chania with two labels.
Freedom is a way of thinking. Azatis means free in the old Cretan dialect. For the ancient Greeks, a free person was someone who had freed themselves from their passions. We firmly believe that a free person is someone who can recognize their passions and transform them into creation.
Our story…
Thanasis Malisovas is a graduate of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Crete and is the owner of “Azatis Chania Craft Brewery”. He started brewing beer as a homebrewer in February 2015. Over the years, he continuously improved his equipment and recipes to produce new and flavorful beers for friends and family. The majority of the initial equipment was handmade. He even used an entire room in his house to install the first production system. In June 2020, “Azatis Chania Craft Brewery” was officially established.

Our vision is to produce high-quality Cretan beers, primarily using Greek raw materials. We have already released two beers, both made with exceptional thyme honey from the Keramia region. Our main goal is to maintain the high quality of our products by combining excellent brewing technologies with the richness offered by the Cretan land.

► Azatis “Agrimi”, a Honey Weiss: 5% ABV
A classic blonde wheat beer with 5% alcohol. It is intensely aromatic with hints of caramel and pine. It has a strong aroma and flavor of thyme due to the authentic Cretan thyme honey from the Keramia region. It pairs well with creamy cheeses and light spicy dishes.

► Azatis “Falconi”, a Dunkel Honey Weiss
A dark caramel-colored Dunkel wheat beer with 5% alcohol. It is characterized by flavors of coffee and caramel, with traces of chocolate. This beer also carries the aroma of thyme due to the authentic Cretan thyme honey from the Keramia region. It pairs well with mushrooms, smoked cheeses, and meats.



azatis beer

Anastasiou Brewery, based in Chalandri, is one of the few breweries in Attica and the only one in the northern suburbs. The brewery’s goal from the beginning was the small-scale production of local beer. Achieving this rather challenging goal was based on recipes made with passion and love for quality beer.

The first recipe that came out of the brewery’s tanks was “Atmisti” (Atmisti), a California Common or Steam Lager, with a full body, mild bitterness, and balanced flavor. It is a 100% American-style lager, the production method of which dates back to the late 1800s in California.
Among the timeless best sellers, the “Kathimerini” (Kathimerini) is based on a more classic and traditional recipe, belonging to the Lager category. Light and flavorful, it has only 3.8% alcohol by volume. Third in line is the “Asteroesa” (Asteroesa), an ode to American pale ales with a full flavor and aromas from the American Mosaic hops, with 5.3% alcohol by volume.




Chios Microbrewery bottled its first beer in 2012 in Kambos, Chios, and today it produces 5 varieties of handmade quality beers. All beers are bottled unfiltered and unpasteurized to preserve the taste and characteristics of a real beer.


  1. FRESH CHIOS BEER – A flagship beer belonging to the category of pale ales. It has a blond-copper color with orange highlights and white foam. It is dominated by hop and citrus aromas, with a medium body, fruity flavor, and subtle bitterness. Type: Pale Ale Color: Blond Alcohol: 4.9% Barcode: 5200118041505
  2. CHIOS IPA (INDIA PALE ALE) – Captivating, complex, and with strong characteristics like the mythical Sphinx, the symbol of Chios. It is a complex yet well-balanced beer that no one can resist after the first sip. Type: IPA Color: Blond Alcohol: 6.3% Barcode: 5208210010221
  3. CHIOS BEER BBQ – Smoked beer with a subtle bitterness and intense wood aromas, brewed with roasted malt using traditional methods and naturally smoked with oak wood, providing a unique pleasure that pairs well with strongly flavored dishes. Type: Smoked Color: Amber Alcohol: 5.5% Barcode: 5208210010023
  4. ALOS – Each bottle holds a unique taste experience, using select malts and aromatic hops. Alos is a 7% ABV beer with a gastronomic direction, produced by Chios Brewery under the supervision of Panos Ioannidis. Type: Pale Ale Color: Amber Alcohol: 7.0% Barcode: 5208210010436
  5. DARI DARI – Seagulls soar over the seashore, and the ultimate summer beer is here! Dari – Dari has arrived to refresh us with aromatic hops that bring notes of citrus and tropical fruits, accompanied by its blond, light yet flavorful body that pleasantly accompanies every meal or a plunge into the sea. Type: (HOPPY SUMMER) ALE Color: Blond Alcohol: 5.0%

Ίσως η λέξη που εκφράζει καλύτερα απ’όλες το εγχείρημα μας, είναι η λέξη “Επιστροφή”. Είναι η λέξη που περιγράφει τη στάση μας σε επιλογές που κάνουμε και κατευθύνσεις που ακολουθούμε. Είναι ο γυρισμός από το εξωτερικό στην Ελλάδα. Είναι η επιστροφή στην πόλη που μεγαλώσαμε. Είναι η επιστροφή από το μαζικό στο χειροποίητο, από την γενίκευση στην ιδιαιτερότητα. Είναι η επιστροφή από το αδιάφορο στο ποιοτικο, από το εισαγόμενο στο ντόπιο.

Όντας Καλαματιανοί, και εμπνευστές ενός χειροποίητου ποιοτικού προϊόντος, νιώθουμε ότι μπορούμε δικαιωματικά να συμμετέχουμε στην τοπική οικονομία, τόσο ως προμηθευτές, όσο και ως καταναλωτές.
Μένουμε εδώ. Ρωτήστε για εμάς. Μάθετε για εμάς.
Είμαστε ο Παναγιώτης, ο Ζήσης, ο Φαίδων.
Είμαστε η Sura, είμαστε η Καλαματιανή μπίρα.


Eίναι μία φρέσκια, αφιλτράριστη και απαστερίωτη μπίρα με ανοιχτό χρυσό χρώμα. Εύγευστη, δροσιστική και ευκολόπιοτη μπίρα με γήινα αρώματα άνθεων, κίτρου και καραμέλας. Η ελαφριά πικράδα των λυκίσκων εξισορροπεί τέλεια με την γλυκιά επίγευση που αφήνει η βύνη, στοιχεία που την καθιστούν άκρως καλοκαιρινή.


The iama brewery – Microbrewery of Veotia was founded in 2022 in Plataies, Veotia. Our goal is to create and experiment without limitations, showcasing products with character that prioritize the advanced gastronomic and social experience of the consumer. Our ultimate purpose is to highlight domestic and primarily local raw materials through beer products.



Series – British Brown Ale:

Through this series, we aim to showcase the changes that the industrial revolution brought to brewing and to our lives as we know them today. A style that is classic in British pubs has undergone radical transformations. Through these labels, we promote our ideology of creation, experimentation, and the social impact that beer holds, bringing people together as a group. This series consists of labels corresponding to the seasons we go through. For the year 2023, three labels have been produced: one for autumn, one for winter, and one for spring/summer.


At the Festival, the main product will be the spring/summer version of British Brown Ale, which features a sharper bitterness while maintaining the other sensory characteristics of the style, such as aromas of dark fruits, primarily damson, caramel, and freshly baked pastries. It offers flavors of biscuits, caramel, and bread with a sweet aftertaste and a refreshing character. The product has an alcohol content of 4.5% and a bitterness level of approximately 35 IBU.

Four people had a shared vision & love for their homeland, Ikaria, when they created the Ikariotissa brewery. Irene & Aphrodite Kouloulia, John Kefalas & Vaggelis Aggeloudakis put all their eggs in one basket and made their dream come true. Their love for beer, the addictive beauty of Ikaria & meraki for what they did, made the Ikariotissa beer!

“We love this place, because it’s pure, Ikaria is an island firmly rooted in tradition, the values that Ikaria epitomizes are very rare these days.”

That’s how this Ikarian beer from this small island conquered Greece

Ikariotissa is a beer that shines out from the other beers because of her fiery temper and its island breeze. A beer made from the water of Ikaria’s natural springs, the island of longevity. Ikariotissa was named after the matriarchal tradition of Ikaria. Just a sip and you can taste the magic scents of Ikaria. Ya mas! (Cheers!)










Ikariotissa beer
Ikariotissa beer

Ikariotissa beer
Ikariotissa beer

Ikariotissa beer
Ikariotissa beer

KYKAO Beers come from Patras. It is a brewery focused on using local ingredients and collaborating with local farmers.

We are a small, independent, cooperative microbrewery founded near Patras. Our goals are to create high-quality beer.
KYKAO (kee • ká • o) (Ancient Greek) means to mix, to blend. The mixture, the combination of different ingredients.

We are like mad scientists, constantly experimenting. Through our Tap Room, we want to showcase our best efforts. We frequently create new styles in “experimental batches,” meaning small quantities, in order to discover different and exciting flavors. The Tap Room is like our laboratory, where we experiment, mix, create, and constantly evolve the taste of beer.


► KYKAO Session IPA 4.5% ABV 35 IBU
A beer with low alcohol but a high level of complexity!
What it lacks in alcohol, it compensates with flavor and hop aromas!
With flavors of caramelized malt and aromas of stone fruits and tropical fruits (apricot, mango), thanks to the wonderful Mosaic and Talus hops! The aftertaste is long-lasting and pleasantly bitter!
It’s a beer you can drink every day, all day!

► KYKAO New England IPA 5.5% ABV 35 IBU
Fruit juice in a beer! Blonde and hazy with a full, velvety body from the large amount of wheat and oats it contains. The nose has very intense tropical fruits (passion fruit, pineapple, lychee).

► KYKAO East Coast IPA 6.0% ABV 65 IBU
Balance between malt and hops! With deep amber color and aromas reminiscent of citrus peel, as well as pine and resin! The Mosaic and Sabro hops provide a deliciously bitter taste with sweet caramel notes!

► KYKAO West Coast IPA 7.0% ABV 90 IBU
The evolution of our basic IPA, enhancing the body, aroma, and flavor!
The hops generously offer aromas of tropical fruits like mango, grapefruit, as well as intense notes of melon, peach, and sweet mandarin. Intensely enjoyable bitterness from the large doses of hops, this beer shocks you from the first sip. The aftertaste persists, reminding you to relive the experience!


They say that all great ideas start with casual conversations around a table. That’s how our own story began in the effervescent world of beer. We started, and within a few months, we achieved the impossible…

The dream began with the award-winning Red Pils, which was loved and widely discussed. It continued with the also award-winning Yellow Belgian Ale and later with the Green IPA, leaving the best impressions. And we continue strongly with new surprise labels.

Our aim… is to produce a beer that we ourselves enjoy first and foremost, and by extension, our customers. And we believe we have succeeded. We have managed to make the world speak highly of our Lola!

We have created… a state-of-the-art brewery with modern facilities, cutting-edge machinery, and, above all, using the finest ingredients for our beers.

Labels ► LOLA PILSNER: 5% ABV Blonde and almost transparent, with a long-lasting white foam. On the nose, you can discern discreet earthy and slightly spicy aromas. In the mouth, the sweetness of the malt harmoniously combines with the subtle flavors of Czech hops. Its aftertaste is slightly bitter, spicy, and long-lasting, just as befits a classic Czech Pils.

► LOLA BELGIAN PALE ALE: 5.5% ABV Copper color, rich and dense foam, with aromas and flavors of bread and biscuits, along with a spicy aftertaste, are its main characteristics.

► LOLA American I.P.A.: 6% ABV Copper color with a rich white foam and citrus aromas. It is bitter in taste with notes of bread and caramel. Its aftertaste is slightly bitter and quite lasting.

► LOLA DUNKEL WEISSBIER: 5.5% ABV Copper-brown color, dense and creamy long-lasting foam, cloudy due to the presence of yeast. On the nose, you can perceive an amazing combination of clove, banana, and bubblegum aromas. With the first sip, you’ll notice the light taste of banana and cloves, followed by the malty character of the beer with sweet notes of caramel and roasted malt.



We welcome Kavala’s Microbrewery – Marmita Beer for the second time at the 3rd Peloponnese Beer Festival 2023 in Kalamata. “Marmita” is the main tool of the homebrewer who starts with love and a spirit of exploration, seeking to discover new aromas and flavors, crafting their own beer. Homebrewing is the culture of Kavala’s Microbrewery, defining its character and the flavors they aim to lock in their recipes!

👉 We will enjoy:

🔸 Marmita Red Ale
🔸 Marmita American Pale Ale
🔸 Marmita Stout
🔸 Marmita N.E.I.P.A.


The NEMA beer invites you to enjoy it, to get to know it, and to experience it.

Our story began in 2018 when founder Christos Meimetis created the brewery and introduced our first beer to the locals and visitors of our region. Through hard work and countless trials, we developed personal recipes, adapting them to the production of NEMA beer. Since then, we continue to produce the same fresh, unfiltered, and unpasteurized beer.

The brewery is located in Agios Nikolaos, a picturesque fishing village that feels like a movie set and is historically associated with the departure of Paris and Helen for Troy.

Labels: ► NEMA BLONDE: 4.6% Vol. With a vibrant and golden color. Fresh, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, brewed with Taygetus water and Thrace malts. Ideal for the Greek summer! Our blonde beer.

► NEMA SUMMER ALE: 4.6% Vol. Fruity, with aromas and flavors reminiscent of lemon, apricot, and pineapple. Full-bodied with a light bitterness. Our top-fermented beer!

► NEMA I.P.A.: 5.5% Vol. Its prominent bitterness is its distinctive characteristic. Enjoyable to drink at any time of the day. Our strong beer.

► NEMA PORTER: 5% Vol. Aromas of coffee and chocolate with roasted barley and chocolate malt. Roasted flavors and a smooth, toasted taste.


Noctua: the symbol of Athens and its first craft beer. Today, the city center finally has what it was missing, its own beer. Its name could not be other than “Noctua,” the night owl – symbol of Athens and now the symbol of the capital’s first craft beer.

But for us, Noctua means much more. It signifies imagination and a passion for creating new beer flavors. It means coming together and coexisting with those who support you, engaging in conversations and interactions with the people around you, and above all, having a great time.


A craft brewery and taproom in south Athens Greece focused on fresh beers.
Quality driven focus, we strive to progressively blend science and art through creativity and to follow our passion to brew old and modern recipes always with fresh ingredients.
We are proudly independent 100% family owned and operated.

Founders are Yiannis Psimoulis (Head Brewer) his wife Eleftheria Papadaki (CFO) and her brother Tasos Papadakis (TAPROOM FOH). On May 2021, our foundation day, they started the reformation of a former metal workshop into a fully functional brewery and Taproom with a modern industrial aesthetic.


► Falifornia- American Pale Ale 5%vol 40IBU:
An American pale ale brewed with pale and biscuit malt infused with Sabro and El Dorado hops. Tropical tangerine and coconut notes in your glass. A perfectly balanced beer for beginners and beer geeks.

► Irish Fuel- Irish Dry Stout 5.2%vol 30IBU:
In our tasty version of this lovely style, we doubled the roasted and chocolate special malts so we take flavors of coffee and dark chocolate. Also the combination of flaked barley gives a result of an easy-drinking and delicious stout for every day.

► No Worries – Australian JUICY IPA 6.2% :
The extra amount of Australian hops Galaxy, Enigma and Vic-Secret gives an
intense tropical aromas on the nose, a full juicy body where starring the flavors of citrus, peach and tropical fruits and finally an intense bitterness at 80 ibu as any fresh IPA should be.

► G’DAY-Breakfast Stout 7.5%vol:
Our first beer of the heavy duty series is a breakfast stout. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, 2 different types of special chocolate malts and an infusion of ground Latin American blend coffee from our friends Cafeistas gives a thick oily body

► Arriktos – American IPA 6.5%vol 70IBU:
The unbreakable bonds of friendship that bind us to the family of “Anastasiou brewery” are sealed with a recipe. This is an “American IPA” at 6.5% ABV full of aromas and flavors from “Denali”, “Citra” and “Idaho 7” hops.

Paragon Brewery and Taproom
Paragon Brewery and Taproom

Paragon Brewery and Taproom
Paragon Brewery and Taproom

Paragon Brewery and Taproom
Paragon Brewery and Taproom

Welcome to Protypi Microbrewery Thessaloniki.
Everything is possible if you believe. That’s our philosophy, and with this mindset, we started brewing as home brewers a few years ago.

We are George, Angelos, and George. In 2010, we began as a group of home brewers. All we had in our hands was our passion, sufficient knowledge of how to make our own pure beer, and above all, a desire to experiment with new beer recipes.

Driven by our passion and love, and following all necessary safety measures, we decided to create our own microbrewery. The Protypi Microbrewery Thessaloniki. Five years later, we proudly declare that we made it. Now, as a microbrewery, we turned our love, passion, and craziness into a profession.

In this way, we have succeeded in giving everyone the opportunity to taste a fresh beer. A beer that is unfiltered and unpasteurized. A beer with rich aromas and flavors.


► SALONIKIA HONEY PILSNER 5.5% Vol. Thessaloniki bottled up. Deep yellow color, just like the sun you enjoy in your walk along Leoforos Nikis. Aroma: Malt and Hops, floral and citrus notes. Appearance: Tall and rich crown with an amber color. Taste: Rich malt-honey flavor. Balance between sweetness and bitter aftertaste. Awards: Silver medal at the International Competition in Frankfurt, Germany (2019).

► SALONIKIA OATMEAL STOUT 5.5% Vol. Black color… Like the nights you eagerly anticipate in Thermaikos’ nymph! Aroma: Notes of chocolate, fruits, and freshly roasted coffee. Appearance: Tall and rich crown. Taste: Full-bodied with plenty of oat flakes, rich and velvety.

► SKNIPA LADY: 5.5% Vol. Sknipa Lady is a Saison ALE originating from Thessaloniki. It has a hazy blonde color, creates a rich crown, and during serving, its intense aromas of citrus fruits stand out, accompanied by notes of honey. It has a moderate sweetness in its taste with a dry and acidic finish. It is naturally carbonated and highly effervescent.

► SKNIPA STRONG ALE: Sknipa Strong Ale is a Strong Ale type beer originating from Thessaloniki. It has a deep amber color, creates a tall and rich crown, and during serving, its intense aromas of hops, citrus, and pine are revealed. Taste: Rich malt-caramel flavor. Balance between the sweet malty character and the bitter aftertaste. Awards: Bronze medal at the International Competition in Frankfurt, Germany (2019).



H the Toul’s Brews δημιουργήθηκε από τους the Touls Bros’ ή αλλιώς τον Ηλία και Γιώργο Τουλιάτο. Μια ιδέα που γεννήθηκε ενώ βρίσκονταν στο εξωτερικό και τους έφερε πίσω στα πάτρια εδάφη για να την υλοποιήσουν. Το 2018 η μικροζυθοποιία the Toul’s Brews με έδρα την Πάτρα, ξεκίνησε την παραγωγή και διάθεση φρέσκιας και απαστερίωτης μπίρας.

H μικροζυθοποιία the Toul’s Brews βρίσκεται στο Βασιλικό Αχαΐας και είναι εξοπλισμένη με τα πιο σύγχρονα μηχανήματα ζυθοποίησης. Στην κορυφή της φιλοσοφία της βρίσκεται η ποιότητα και η διαφοροποίηση. Μέσα από συνεχείς πειραματισμούς, δοκιμές συνταγών και συνδυασμούς υλικών παράγει μπίρες με ιδιαίτερη γεύση, σταθερή ποιότητα και αδιαπραγμάτευτη φρεσκάδα. Στόχος της the Toul’s Brews είναι να καθιερωθεί ως η μικροζυθοποιία που ανέδειξε τη μπίρα γευστικά μέσα από καινοτόμες μεθόδους ζυθοποίησης τονίζοντας την ιδιαιτερότητα αυτού του ξεχωριστού προϊόντος.


Έκρηξη εξωτικών αρωμάτων και γεύσεων από λυκίσκους με νότες από πεύκο και εσπεριδοειδή. Η βύνη δίνει “σώμα” παραμένοντας διακριτική. Μια ευχάριστη πικράδα δίνει τη θέση της στην ήπια γλυκιά επίγευση.

TOUL’S BREWS – THE SHORE Blonde 4,5 % Vol
Απαλή, ντελικάτη και ελαφρώς φρουτώδες στη γεύση με ήπιο αλκοόλ. Οι λυκίσκοι- ευγενείς ποικιλίες- υπάρχουν για να τονώσουν και να συμπληρώσουν τα χαρακτηριστικά της βύνης παρά για να τονίσουν τα δικά τους χαρακτηριστικά. Η πικράδα λόγω της ποικιλίας των λυκίσκων είναι χαμηλή.

Όπως δηλώνει και το όνομα της είναι stout. Μια μαύρη μπύρα με σώμα και έντονα αρώματα καφέ και σοκολάτας που παίρνει απο τις καβουρδισμένες βύνες. Ήπια πικράδα οι λυκίσκοι και εδώ συμπληρώνουν την πολυπλοκότητα των βυνών.

Μπύρα τύπου Berliner Weisse, χαρακτηριστικό του συγκεκριμένου τύπου είναι η οξύτητα και τα αρώματα από φρούτα, αποτέλεσμα της ζύμωσης με δύο διαφορετικές μαγιές και προσθήκη χυμών φρούτων (βερίκοκο και ροδάκινο). Όξινη γεύση, φρουτένια αρώματα και πολύ ξεδιψαστική τις πιο ζεστές μέρες.



ZEOS BREWERY originated in 1998 and is a thriving Greek brewery.
We produce pure premium quality beer, available for local consumption and worldwide export.
Authentic premium quality Greek beer brewed in historic Argos, Greece.
Brewed to the highest standards of the 500 year old German Beer Purity Law.
Naturally awesome! No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
eos beer has been acknowledged worldwide winning awards for its excellence. As a result Zeos Gold Pilsner, Zeos Black Weiss, and Zeos Blue Lager have gained a superb reputation and cult-like following.

Nestled in the heartland of the historic Peloponnesian Peninsula of Greece is the home of ZEOS BREWERY. We are located just outside of Argos (famous for being one of the oldest city-states of ancient Greece) and 10 km from Nafplio (Athenian’s secret get-away destination). Surrounded by beautiful orange groves and olive plantations, as well as the ancient fortresses Larissa of Argos and Palamidi of Nafplio, the brewery is in an awesome setting.

SILVER winner of BTI World Beer Championships . Full bodied, light flowery aroma with just a hint of fruit.
Excellent palate – crisp with moderate amount of hops, light straw and earthy. Long duration aftertaste.
Perfect with lamb and spicy Mediterranean foods. 5% alcohol.

SILVER winner of BTI World Beer Championships
Black Weiss Beer with velvety full-bodied texture. Medium bitterness with caramel, roasted coffee aroma. Hints of sweet chocolate coffee, caramel and nuts. Delicious drinkability. 5% alcohol.

OUR #1 PREMIUM EXPORT Appetizing bouquet, lovely soft body. Light crisp flavor. Initial sweet taste then finishes with
a slight bitterness. Very refreshing and goes down smooth. Perfect with fish, poultry and veal. 5% alcohol.

Απολαύστε την εμπειρία της χειροποίητης μπίρας!

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