Greek Craft Beer

Craft means

Handmade Quality

The handmade craft beer is combined only with the quality of the beer.
The ingredients of the craft are of the highest possible quality, and most importantly, the beer is more "pure". The 4 ingredients of beer, as we all know, are water, barley with malt, hops, and yeast. However, depending on the type of beer label, wheat, rye or even fruit can also be used. In this category of beer, water quality is paramount. Breweries are often very creative places, and microbrewers recreate traditional beers, mutate them, evolve them, "tease" them. In this way, beers are created, in fact, never existed before. This is the main difference with standard beers.

Χειροποίητη μπίρα craft beer
Craft means “handmade quality”. At the Greek Brewers’ exhibition you will enjoy Greek craft beers. 350 labels of handmade beer with rich aromas and unique flavors!
Peloponnese Beer Festival

Only craft

Peloponnese Beer Festival we will host more than 25 Breweries from all over Greece with 350 labels of craft beer.

More and more people are turning to the choice of quality craft beer. A drink like wine, which can give the same delicious pleasures and be combined with gastronomy. The quality production of craft beer offers a great variety, special flavors and unique aromas from pure raw materials.

Enjoy the experience of Craft Beer

Always Drink Responsibly!